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Here at Morecambe Golf Club we are authorised custom fitters for all the top brands. Our experienced team of PGA Professionals and our custom fit technology guarantees the perfect fit for your game.
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POWAKADDY CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF INNOVATION This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the PowaKaddy brand. Ever since thecompany was founded in 1983, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering cuttingedgedesigns fused with the latest technological performance to golfers of all ages andabilities . Through closer attention to detail, rigorous testing and an unrivalled passionfor the game, PowaKaddy continues to set the standard in electric trolley innovation. The Powa Of Heritage Making the game more enjoyable is what we do. That ethos has seen PowaKaddymaintain its position as the number one name in golf trolleys, cart bags andaccessories for 30 years. The best-selling brand in over 50 countries world-wide,PowaKaddy offers the perfect combination of ‘best in class’ performance combinedwith outstanding value. Make Freeway Your Way Three striking new models with one legendary name – the all-new Freeway Family isinspired by the rich heritage and reliable performance of the famous Freeway marque.The Freeway, Freeway Digital+ and Freeway SPORT models showcase modern sportystyling, easy-to-use functionality, a host of digital functions and represent the mostcomplete, robust and feature-packed trolley range available on the market today. It’stime to focus fully on your game and make Freeway Your Way. PACK MORE POWER INTO YOUR GAME Performance demands more than skill. What you do in between shots isevery bit as important. Through intelligent design and advanced technology,PowaKaddy’s innovative range of electric trolleys helps you conserve energy,avoid unnecessary injuries and transport your equipment with the utmost ease.All you have to do is focus on the one thing that matters – your game. Save Energy With more time spent travelling to the next shot than actually hitting the ball,tiredness and loss of performance can be real issue. PowaKaddy’s lightweightframe and ergonomic design ensures that the only energy you use is on yourswing – not on lugging your bag between holes. With fuel in reserve, you’ll reapthe benefits of longer lasting performance, just like the pros. Prevent Injury The average golf bag weighs between 10 and 20kg, so it’s little wonder thatgolfers are prone to stiff, painful shoulders and back injuries. Add extremeweather conditions and uneven terrain to the mix and transporting yourequipment becomes a hindrance. It’s time to let your PowaKaddy take thestrain of carrying your bag so you can walk at a comfortable pace, keep fit andsignificantly reduce your risk of injury. Improve Your Game In today’s modern game, it’s all about taking advantage of ground-breaking technologies to give you a competitive edge. With a PowaKaddy you can literallytransport your entire golfing ProShop around the course with effortless control.So why be limited by what you can physically carry? From the moment you hityour opening tee-shot to your celebratory round in the clubhouse, you’re goingto notice the difference with a PowaKaddy.
PowaKaddy2 days ago
Sunday funday. If you could choose one golfer, one celebrity and one mate (tag them here) to make up a four-ball with you, who would you go for? And where would you choose to tee it up? 🤔
PowaKaddy4 days ago
Our Freeway range sets the standard. Take a look online to see which trolley is the perfect match for you 👉 https://www.powakaddy.co.uk/product-category/electric-trolleys/ #FreewayFriday
PowaKaddy5 days ago
It's Valentines Day so love is in the air! 😍 We want to know what it is that you love most about our fabulous Freeway range? Let us know in the comments!
PowaKaddy6 days ago
FACT: Powering every PowaKaddy electric trolley is the ultra-lightweight PowaKaddy Lithium battery using the latest re-engineered lithium-ion technology. It is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful lithium battery on the market. #WednesdayWisdom
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All smiles after our great PowaKaddy training session with the team at Donnington Valley Golf Course at the weekend. Looking forward to a fantastic 2019! #TeamPowaKaddy
PowaKaddy1 week ago
The Compact C2i is the simplest compact-folding electric trolley in its class. It fits in the smallest of car boots and is powered by the thinnest, lightest & most powerful Lithium battery on the market. There is compact – then there is ultra-compact. #WhenSizeMatters

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